Educational Facilities

Sacred Heart Public School is well furnished and well stocked library. The school library boasts of thousands of book to give our students unique knowledge about their passion and the world in general. The school also publishes periodic magazines to enhance the pupil’s understanding as well as competitive examination skills. Students can borrow books from the library. The library also boasts of a state of the art conference hall, fully equipped with audio visual devices necessary for modern conference hall to give the students that professional touch as future leaders.

Sacred Heart Public School has various labs to accommodate and train our future scientists. Our Physics, Chemistry, Biology and maths labs help students build their dreams and aspirations by giving them an early start into their desired fields. Each and every child can have the unique opportunity of conducting experiments and demonstrations.

We also have a well equipped computer laboratory to help students get acquainted with the latest trends in the world of information and computer technology. Our students are able to compete with other students across the globe in terms of latest technological trends.

The school also has a very spacious, well ventilated and hi-tech auditorium which serves as the venue for important school programs as well as common programs of the school.

Our modern Language Lab consists of various elements that form a multifunctional environment that uses the latest technology for education. Among the components of language laboratories we find:

  • Furniture: Language laboratories should have a specific and robust furniture that is capable of securely hold all the elements that are part of that laboratory.
  • Computers: The computers are a very important part in the language lab.
  • Technology: A language laboratory has a specific technology that enables the interconnection, interaction and communication between the different positions that make up the lab.
  • Headset: They should be designed to facilitate communication between the people who use the lab for the different activities that take place in it can be carried out successfully.

Regardless of the size of your audiovisual project, our students can design and build the perfect system. Our trained and experienced installation teachers install and integrate custom-designed system racks and equipment into fully functional, user-friendly systems which allows our students to know this approaches.

We are also equipped with a standard football pitch which enhance the sport of the students and also beautifies our school environment.

Our indoor and outdoor stadium allows our students not to be only limited to the indoor stadium activities, this gives them the room to explore and test their abilities at other outdoor stadiums.

Our School has well established classrooms equipped with smartclass technology. Smartclass is a digital initiative pioneered and invented by Educomp and has already been adopted by over 5500 progressive schools in India. Smart class is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools.