School Fees

The School Fees are to be paid in four equal installments which will be collected in the month of June, August, November and January through online fees payment system. The parents can pay the fee directly at any of the branches of Union Bank of India or they can pay it online through Entab school software or on the prescribed days assigned to the bank official at school reception counter.


1. 1st Installment 1st June to 18th June

2. 2nd Installment 1st August to 18th August

3. 3rd Installment 1st November to 18th November

4. 4th Installment 1st January to 18th January



1. For fees paid after prescribed due date, a fine of Rs. 25/- has to be paid till the end of the month and after that Rs. 125/- Per term will be charged as fine.

2.Fees should be remitted on due dates at any of the Branches of Union Bank of India directly or using NET Banking/Debit Card/Credit Card. School Bus fee should also be paid through the bank.

3.Parents are requested to pay the fees on time and avoid paying fine.