MCM Kindergarten

Sacred Heart Public School kindergarten has a separate identity and named Mar Choolaparambil Memorial Kindergarten (MCM) in memory of the late Bishop Alexander Choolaparambil who founded the society in 1921.

Do you have little ones that are about to start school and you are worried about the best school for them in Kottayam; Sacred Heart School got them covered. Sacred Heart got lots of experienced and friendly teachers that would give your little one the right guidance and steps that would help build them into better teenagers and adults in general. Here in MCM Kindergarten, we make sure that your children get the right skills that will help them grow both emotionally, mentally and cognitively. We help children develop and refine their motor skills and language skills through play, art, dance, music, movement. Also at MCMKindergarten we develop kid’s social ability by encouraging them to interact with others, this improves their self esteem and helps them become better adults in the future. We got your child covered as we also help them become effective learners as our experienced staff helps them develop their communication skill, as well as building their self confidence and develop their creativity. Our staffs have a set of skill to also help the young ones develop their problem solving abilities through a little mathematics and also improve their reading and writing abilities. Have no fear as Sacred Heart Kindergarten got you all covered up. At sacred heart, we hope to achieve the following with your kids:

  • Social Skills develop the ability to play and share with other kids in a calm manner.
  • Develop some level of self awareness and respect for others.
  • Develop some emotional skills.
  • Develop language, numerical as well as reading skills by being able to count objects, read stories.
  • Develop the ability to make new friends and also learn new ideas.Also at MCM Kindergarten, we also provide support to children with special needs. Enroll your kid today to enjoy all these benefits and also let you as a parent concentrate and focus at work.