Lower, Middle, Secondary

At sacred Heart Public School, we got you covered if you are seeking to enroll your child in either the Lower, middle or secondary school. Our school is being managed by OSH fathers and we have one dream which is to produce 21st century leaders. If you want your kid to be among the 21st century leaders, better enroll you child at the sacred heart public school now. As our curriculum is among the best you can get in the country. Let us help you prepare your child for the future. As we run a top notch educational academic program which offers your child and ward a robust academic program as well as great extracurricular activities for a more efficient student experience.

Lower School: We have a good and conducive environment located at SH Mount, Kottayam to help nurture your wards and children in the lower school for effective performance. Also our excellent staff which is managed by the OSH fathers would give your child a unique lower school experience. We have a very rich and supportive curriculum which is all inclusive and would help your ward to develop their educational abilities.

Middle school: We believe middle school should be fun for children to learn. At Sacred Heart, we challenge and support students with an innovative curriculum that encourages and boosts their performance as well as prepare them for secondary schools and the university. We make use of academic subjects early on to motivate our students as they start their educational journey. Sacred Heart students dive into topics such as maths, languages, arts, social studies and science. We have various activities outside academic class work, in our curriculum which helps our students to develop skills that are building blocks of your child’s education:

  • Organizational skills
  • Study and library skills
  • Time management skills

We have a wide range of programs and extracurricular activities which includes opportunities for artists, musicians, athletes, science lovers, history buffs, writers and all to help our students discover their passions.

Secondary Schools: Our excellent teaching staffs are ever motivated to help, motivate and prepare our students for the university and how to be leaders in the long run. Sacred Heart secondary school helps students to interface with the latest technology. Also, Sacred Heart also trains its secondary school students to be excellent ethical and moral leaders who can move the society forward. Curriculum are made to suit the passion of students as our ever experienced staff help guide our secondary school students into fields where there passion lies to create the best future professionals of the 21st century and also give them an added advantage which they can’t get elsewhere.